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OBD Car Doctor for Android

  • Updated2015-01-23 22:33:59



Reads real-time and stored parameters from ECU of OBD-II compliant cars. Support data reading PID's from cars with 2 and more ECU.


  • real-time engine and vehicle OBD2 parameters: speed, rotation, temperature, pressure, lambda and multiple other sensors data supported by your car
  • chart drawing for real-time data
  • check engine light control: read and clear stored error codes and related freeze frame data
  • Fuel Economy parameters
  • store and share DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) data and General info
  • auto-start of last used command screen (use "Auto start of the last command" option in Configuration alone or in combination with "Connect BT at start")
  • console for advanced users experiments with OBD-II and adapter commands (use "Test"-"Console" option in Configuration to allow console screen)
  • read GPS data: speed, altitude
  • (new, beta) support of graphical gauges



Requires Android 2.0 or later.


Applicable: Bluetooth OBDII


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www.lonauto.com www.lonauto.com


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